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Tecido Adiposo, em detalhe.
Células Tronco isoladas do tecido adiposo.
Cultivo In Vitro de Células Tronco (4º. Dia)
Cultivo In Vitro de Células Tronco (10º. Dia)
Material enviado para aplicação das células tronco.

Stem Cell

The use of stem cells in processes of tissue regeneration is possible since these cells possess the characteristic to be “non-differentiated” (totipotent). It means that when stimulated they are capable of differentiate and specialize in any tissue of the animal organism, and also serve as an inductive agent and an alarm of the proper organism in the processes of tissue regeneration.

Until the past decade, it was believed that these cells were found only in embryos, in the initial stages of their development. However, with the scientific development in this area, it was discovered that the stem cells are also present in fetal and adult tissues like the umbilical cord, the bone marrow and the adipose tissue, what allows the treatment with proper stem cells in adults.

Thus, due to easy access to these cells in the adipose tissue of adults and to the benefits observed in the therapeutical veterinary medicine, the use of stem cells with the intention of assisting the regeneration of injured tissues is extremely advantageous.
BIO, the pioneer in Latin America in the use of stem cells for treatment of injuries of the locomotive tissues of equines, established and implemented in its laboratory the routine of separation and culture of equine stem cells obtained from adipose tissue. In 2005, 90 treatments of tendons, ligaments and fractured bones of equines were made, achieving really positive results.

BIO has a animals stem cells bank for their own use. Thus, it is possible to store stem cells of your animals to be used in the future, when necessary.

The use of stem cells has advantages in the quality of recovery of injury and in the costs. The recovery occurs through regeneration of injured tissues, reducing the time of recovery and preventing the formation of scar points. The undesirable formation of fibrosis in the injured tissue causes the loss of the function of the tissue, and possible returns. The costs are extremely accessible, and, in some cases, this treatment is cheaper than the conventional techniques.

To download : Practical procedures to collect adipose tissue to obtain stem cell (only portuguese version)
procedimento coleta tec adiposo (PDF - 510 kb)

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