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Os ovócitos coletados são selecionados na própria fazenda.
Ovócito maturado in vitro, pronto para ser fecundado.
Procedimento da Fecundação In Vitro.
Embriões bovinos produzido in vitro, 7 dias após a fecundação.
Embriões bovinos produzido in vitro, 7 dias após a fecundação.
Lote de receptoras com cio sincronizados, aptas para receberem embriões produzido in vitro

How is made IVF?
Compared with the classic embryos transfer technique, in vitro fertilization is an extremely simple technique to implement at farms, thanks to the small involvement of the farm staff during the work. The focus of the farm has to be the general handling (donors cows and recipients), the observation of rutting of the recipients and the aid of the team in the moment of the ovum pick up and the transference of the embryos produced in vitro.

Ovum pick up (OPU)
It consists in the puncturing of ovary follicles, in order to get the oocytes (female gametes). The suction is guided by ultrasonography equipment and a system of negative pressure connected to a needle. Thus, only the follicle presented in the cortical area of the ovaries are sucked by our team, avoiding exposing the area of ovary medulla. One of the great advantages of the IVF is the fact that donor cows do not receive hormonal treatments for the ovum pick up (OPU) procedure. The selection of the oocytes is made in the proper farm by a veterinarian of the technical team of BIO, simultaneously to the OPU procedure. The selected oocytes are put under conditions in small tubes with the Transport Medium developed by BIO Laboratory, capable to bear until 16-hours journeys after the OPU.

Laboratory procedures
Arriving at BIO Laboratory, in Brasilia-DF, the oocytes are immediately transferred to the in vitro maturation medium and are kept in incubators, for 24 hours. After this period, the oocytes are transferred to the in vitro fertilization medium, with the enabled spermatozoa, and kept there for plus one day. After the fecundation, the young embryos are transferred to the in vitro culture system, remaining in BIO Laboratory for more 7 days. In this moment, the viable embryos already possess 60 to 150 cells, which are classified as morula and blastula (earle and expanded). They are packed individually and carried to the farms to be transferred to the recipient cows.

Transference of IVF Embryos
For the transference of the in-vitro produced embryos, the recipient cows are evaluated her reproductive status and only after, the able recipients receive the embryos. The embryos transfers are made by an enabled veterinarian, through a non-surgical method, and the embryos are deposited in the light of the uterine horn.

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